I Am Because We Are

The soil of kinship is solidarity, which is fundamental in the wisdom of the South African philosophy Ubuntu.  Rooted in Ubuntu, KIN TEA has the mission of unity with each other along with unity with nature.  KIN TEA’s heart is in recognizing and accepting the importance in kinship of Africans throughout the diaspora.  The responsibility of shaping our story rests only in our hands. We are the storytellers, the creators, the scientist, the philosophers, the artists, the writers, the builders, the mathematicians, and the cultivators of our past, present, and future. 

Unity Blend

A blend of root, plant, flower, and fruit.  The Unity blend combines kinkeliba leaf, ginger root, bissap flower, and orange peel to yield an uplifting brew that promotes well-being.  Use to help break your fast each morning, or sip throughout the day to give a caffeine-free herbal boost.  Click here to purchase.

Peace Blend

A blend of kinkeliba, lemon, and lavender.  This calm earthy synthesis grounds you at first sip.  Tap into the ancient essence of the kinkeliba plant, known for its nutritional versatility. Use this blend as a post-dinner tea to settle down in the evening and rest well. Click here to purchase.