About Us

KIN TEA was birthed out of a recognition of the excellence, wisdom, and spiritual commonalities of Africans around the world.  

Whether born of the soil or rooted from the blood, we all hold a rich spirit of wise beauty that is not always displayed and taught in a way that vibrates with the foundation of who we are.  

We have been drifting with a confining current away from this rich spirit.  Though colonization of the African land was impactful, what has had greater impact was the colonization of our minds and culture. This cataclysm is partially due to us not being the narrators of our stories.  Thus, we at KIN TEA have the goal to counter the widespread oblique education that we have been trained into.  

Our teas represent the beautiful culture, nature, and spirit of Africans around the world.  We develop healthy and flavorful blends of herbal plants used by African descendants around the world.  

At KIN TEA our focus is not solely tea; it is also the nurturing of a positive collective culture amongst Africans to yield an African Kinship of ONE.